RSS, Worlds Largest NGO

NGO Adviser releases the rankings of the top 500 global NGOs every year. The Bangladesh based international development organization, BRAC has retained its 1st rank in the list for the 5th consecutive year. The rankings how to transfer cif number online are drawn by NGO Adviser by keeping in mind the various aspects such as the impact, innovation, governance and sustainability of the NGO. We believe that feeding a child is not charity; it’s a social responsibility.

It forced the world to sit up and recognise that governments don’t always speak for all the people. Community health work became entry point for Sanchetana reaching out to urban poor intervening to improve their health standards; Sanchetana has gone a long way defining holistic health in the context of poor and un-healthy conditions in urban slums. The sphere of the work of Sanchetana has expanded over the years across different geographic areas and communities through freshness and creativity remaining loyal to its roots. Goonj was founded in 1999, by Anshu Gupta.It addresses the basic but neglected issues of the poor and values the traditional wisdom of the local people. It enables them to participate in Goonj’s solutions and gives out urban material as reward. Non-profits come from the same society that produces political and corporate leaders.

CRY-Child Rights and You

The extrajudicial killings, injustice against Afghan women and children, all call for a serious humanitarian issue to which no one seems to have an answer. The Centre for Science and Environment has long played this dual role. From advising the environment minister on international environmental negotiations during the Rio Summit of 1992, CSE has worked closely with several arms of the government and the judiciary, as a think tank. The same organization has led perhaps the longest campaigns against the lack of government effort to curb vehicular air pollution, or the absence of sensible policies on water management. In fact, we did a tie-up with Just Robotics where children from government schools in Bengaluru can sign up for classes.

The foundation works with stakeholders of the education ecosystem viz. Schools, learning institutions, pedagogy experts, students, teachers and parents to create and implement frameworks of effective learning and innovation for young minds. DBF is the natural evolution of corporate social partnership beyond CSR compliance.

Of course, they need to function within regulations that promote accountability and transparency. But that need is much smaller than the need to regulate the nebulous finances of political parties. There are several NGOs that have dissented against the government when they saw the need to oppose, and supported and worked along with the administration when it was a matter of public interest. In recent years BRAC has also worked providing sanitation, health camps and child delivery centres to Rohingya refugees living in sprawling camps in Bangladesh. In order to defend Srinagar from forthcoming attack, he called Mr. Madhok to seek RSS support.

Lepra Society had a systematic approach to dealing with the chronic disease. They also help the Indian government in the National Anti-Malaria Programme and have extensive contribution to eye care and prevention of needless blindness. “The world must never forget the one million Rohingya from Myanmar”, quite rightly stated by UN human rights expert Tom Andrews after his recent visit to Bangladesh.


In many of the instances NGO acts an important adjunct between Government and the general public and helps the Government in translating its goals and objectives. The proof of existence with accountability of the organisation is based on Memorandum or Articles of Incorporation. Bylaws characterize the principles, laws, operation modes, working sample, working space, responsibilities of the NGO and aims of NGO. Journalist Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, for instance, found himself being cross-examined because of a tenuous association with Greenpeace.

world largest ngo

The imm-ense banyan that is the RSS, “the world’s largest NGO”, has some 1.38 lakh offshoots. The BJP, its most thriving branch, is thus intimately linked with a large and complex web of non-governmental organizations from which it draws human resources. The organization also works in collaboration with the government and other organizations.

Lending a hand in international trade

This article is written by Ishan Arun Mudbidri, from Marathwada Mitra Mandal’s Shankarrao Chavan Law College, Pune. This article talks about NGOs and human rights issues in modern times and the impact these organisations have on the protection of human rights. In spite of their selfless service to the nation and immense contribution to nation-building, the RSS is among the most infamous outfits in the country today. It is panned as an intolerant, extremist group that is, sadly, even compared to militant organisations at times. Many feel this fear is being deliberately stoked among people for vested political interests by those who want to make the foundation of their political careers by practising the ‘divide and rule’ policy.

In any event, while funding to directly affiliated organizations is quantifiable, that to RSS-inspired agencies is not. The Congress may have used social acti-vists on occasions but has been deeply suspicious of the voluntary sector. As chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Digvijay Singh said he wanted all NGO grants routed through the state government and foreign funding of NGOs probed by the state Economic Offen-ces Wing. More recently, UPA Prime Minister Manmohan Singh publicly lashed out at NGOs, ordered an investigation into this sector and cancelled Foreign Contri-bution Regulation Act licenses of over 1,000 organizations. Furious with Greenpeace, he denied it the right to invite a Fukushima survivor to visit Kudankulam.

Spread across 24 states and two union territories, the organization, is a part of a global federation. This means that it is a part of ActionAid International, an organization with a presence in over 40 countries worldwide. Yuva Unstoppable is a registered trust in India & the US that has benefited over 1000,000 underprivileged children across 40 cities of India. Yuva works with 100 top corporates like HDFC Bank, 3M, Korn Ferry, Disney, Goldman Sachs, Vedanta, Coke, IBM, Google, Hexaware, Adani, UNICEF, United Way, and others.

  • Purpose Creating Sustainable Shared Values for Inclusive Growth of Business and Society.
  • That’s happening even as we speak, he says, as we see in TV ads that show men in nurturing roles traditionally reserved for women.
  • Child in need institute is a non-profit organisation registered under the Societies Registration Act,1860 in India.
  • Swayamsevaks from across the nation assembled in the northeast of India to help the army as well as the locals during those trying times.
  • A well-established NGO in the vicinity can be of huge help to the environment.

Some of the biggest environmental NGOs around the world include The World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, and Natural Resources Defence Council. The World Trade Organisation also has readily accepted the participation of NGOs in world trade issues and debates. The Public Forum, which is the WTO’s largest outreach event, gives an opportunity for various organisations to publicly debate on trade issues across the globe. Various NGOs have participated in this event since 2001 and given their views.

Businesses run by NGOs are part of the non-conventional funding sources for NGOs themselves. There are additionally new sorts of services which have been acknowledged the world over as the new tools for sustainable development and the examples have proved it. Microfinance is just one of them that has not solely transformed NGOs into revenue-making corporations, but in addition decreased the dependence on exterior donor funding. NGOs can operate businesses initially and a few profit is suitable even legally in most countries. A non-governmental organization is a group of people from different countries acting together, but not connected with the government of any country.

Save the Children

TCSRD later extended its operations to Babrala , Haldia , Sriperumbudur and other locations to reach out to marginalized sections of the society. It works to address key concerns of communities and to preserve the environment and bio-diversity. In line with its legacy of providing high quality education, SRF Foundation‘s interventions include creating centres of excellence for learning through the transformation of Government schools into Model Schools. Its flagship institutes and initiatives are The Shri Ram Schools , Enhancing Early Education Programme , Rural Education Program , Rural Vocational Skills Program and Shri Sambandh – an academic outreach program. New Delhi, 20 Sep Vantage, the international multi-asset trading platform on Friday announced its partnership with UNESCO, as a part of its social commitment to strengthen educational opportunities in emerging markets like India. The big national and international NGOs like Greenpeace, World Wide Fund for Nature and others issued press statements almost every other day.

  • If you are preparing for Government Job Exams, then it is very important for you to read the Daily Current Affairs.
  • Some were involved in actively lobbying their governments and other delegations, but an overwhelming number preferred to concentrate on their own private agendas.
  • There are additionally new sorts of services which have been acknowledged the world over as the new tools for sustainable development and the examples have proved it.
  • The birth of the United Nations in 1945, was a step to recognize human rights issues around the world.
  • Syed Aneesuddin thanked Hyderabad Member of Parliament Asaduddin Owaisi who played an important role in helping consignment reach India within a short span of time.
  • Till now, the organisation has worked and helped around 40,000 children in the country.

Some NGOs comprising `people of colour’ were unhappy with all that was going on. Milaan Foundation is an NGO that basically works towards empowering small girls across the country. This organisation ensures underprivileged girls get all the basic requirements and proper training to stand up for themselves in the future. Till now, the organisation has worked and helped around 40,000 children in the country.

Mercy Ships announces world’s largest NGO hospital ship

They had won the Jury Award at the National Robotics Championship held in Ahmedabad, beating some of the best private schools in the country. The vision is that no child in India will be deprived of education because of hunger. There are some fundamental principles we follow which has kept the foundation relevant after all these years; innovation is one of them. Whether it’s people innovation, process innovation or technology innovation, Akshaya Patra has always taken steps to ensure that children will get a hot, nutritious meal, day after day. Basically, the RSS is a pro-Hindu organisation, and being pro-Hindu doesn’t mean it is anti-Muslim or anti-Christian. In fact the basic founding principle of the RSS is “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” – the vision of the whole world as one family.

Bangladesh, the same country where a large number of a Muslim minority group called the Rohingyas fled to from their home country Myanmar, back in 2017. This was due to a genocidal attack on the community done by the military. Currently, these Rohingya are staying in overcrowded refugee camps in Bangladesh. Denied Myanmar citizenship numerous times, these people are stateless, homeless, without freedom of movement, and basic necessities. This crisis has posed a lot of questions on human rights to world leaders and continues to do so. TheGlobal Mercywill deliver a safe and clean environment to various African nations, providing help and resources from some of the most well-trained physicians in the world.