Outpatients’ Specialist Clinic in Mestre (Venice)



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FISIOSPORT TERRAGLIO srl was created as a sanitary structure conceived in order to supply assistance services to customers and citizens, with the primary objective being the best quality in the offered services and performances. Always from the beginning, and in a constant way, the company is engaged to improve the level of its services. With such purpose, a professional staff is deeply engaged in adapting all performances to customers’ requirements, always available in order to satisfy and give answers without delays or uneasiness, and with due respect of the terms required by the most recent and consolidated sanitary procedures.

All management decisions and planning dynamics are based on overriding principles, first of all respect for citizens and their needs and equality of treatment, regardless of age, race, language, nationalities, religion or physical conditions. A full respect of the principle of impartiality is the natural reflection of the absolute transparency implemented by the entire operating staff working for the company, as an essential professional behaviour made to ensure maximum clarity in relations with customers and citizens regarding the types of services offered, as well as a correct information about the electromedical and non-electromedical equipment used

All professional services are performed in a recently built structure, designed according to the most advanced architectural and functional criteria, where clinics and rehabilitation departments find an ideal location, in an area made with structural features conceived to overcome barriers, so to encourage the most complete usability of the whole location following the latest applicable law standards.


Customers can contact the company by calling 041942534 or sending a fax to 041942020. An e-mail service is also avaliable at the address, as well as a detailed overview of the activities is accessible by visiting the website


Services are provided mainly by appointment. The reception opening hours are as follows:

• Monday 08:00-12:00; 15:00-21:00

• Tuesday 08:00-12:00; 15:00-20:00

• Wednesday 08:00-12:00; 15:00-21:00

• Thursday 08:00-12:00; 15:00-20:00

• Friday 08:00-12:00; 15:00-21:00

• Saturday 08:00-12:00

Sundays and holidays CLOSED.



The day and hour fixed for the appointment, patients are invited to bring clinic and health records already in their possession. They are also required to inform the staff regarding any change in their clinical situation occurred during the time between booking and the start of the treatment, as well as of any pharmacological treatment or any new physiological situations.



Regarding medical certificates, in case they are not released immediately after the visit because of a specific need for further medical evaluations, the reception service will promptly communicate to the patient how to withdraw the documents in the following days. If the patient can not withdraw the documents personally, a mailing option can be activated by the reception service. The withdrawal of documents and medical certificates by any diffferent person is not allowed unless showing a written authorization signed by the patient and only after showing a valid i.d.



The structure is located in Mestre, at the end of the road axis called Terraglio, which connects the two main towns of Treviso and Venice. The clinic address is Via Arturo Penello 5/7, 5 minutes driving from the highway exit “Castellana” and 2 minutes from exit “Treviso-Terraglio”.

For customers coming from Venice and Mestre city center, the area is well served by city buses (Venice-Treviso lines).

In the waiting room area customers will easily find briefings, documents and notes for internal use regarding the precise nature of all medical services and treatments provided.



A form for the reporting of any complaints or suggestions is always available for all customers near the reception area, in order to promote a continuous interchange of elements that can contribute to improve the offered services.

The Administrative Director is the person in charge for complaints and suggestions, and is committed to constantly and continuously meet the basic needs of users in the most accurate way. In addition, users are periodically given a survey-form to monitor their satisfaction level, giving the opportunity to detail any strengths and weaknesses.



The structure has joined the Regional Quality System for Public Health Services, working in every phase of its operational process according to the principles and precepts laid down by the Quality System, which ensures quality continuity and regular operation respecting the accreditation system.


FISIOSPORT TERRAGLIO is in possession of Authorization under the DGR 22/2002 for all its activities, issued by the Municipality of Venice by order No. 192992 May 6 2011, for the following specialties:


1) Medical area and medical specialties (orthopedics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, forensic and insurance, general medicine, sports medicine, food and nutrition)


2) Non-medical area (physiotherapy, psychology)



The Regulations & Standards document is publicly displayed near the reception area and is available for users. It is also available on the website



The company has a front office service, ready to respond to users’ requests as promptly and professionally as possible.

The management has appointed a person in charge for everything regarding the Quality System, as well as an administration officer, a health department officer and a responsible for all matters regarding the technical quality of the used equipment.



Appointments can be booked by telephone or directly at the reception during opening hours. Patients must present a prescription issued by a doctor. Customers can also require a visit to be made by one of the medical specislists working for the centre: in this case, no other prescription is required.


The reception staff will inform patients about the privacy policies and procedures followed by the company by letting them sign a statement regarding the process of sensitive data, responding to Law 196/03 – Article 13. By signing, patients allow the company to process personal health data related to the treatment required, as well as the file management of their medical records.



Payment is usually required together with the treatment. Other forms of payment are however possible by a specific agreement.



Presso la struttura vengono eseguite le seguenti prestazioni: elettroterapia antalgica; analgesic electrotherapy, electrotherapy, laser therapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasound therapy – contact and immersion; diathermy; osteopathic treatment; two districts fkt passive massage therapy; cervical massage therapy; individual fkt; post-surgery fkt; fkt for complex disease; group fkt; spine rehabilitation; postural correction exercises.


FisioSport Terraglio states to adopt the necessary protections for each patient, and to communicate and update the whole staff about the necessary specific rules for the best professional behaviour.


FisioSport Terraglio srl Medical Clinic & Kinesiotherapy

aut. PG 2011/192992 May 6th 2011

via Penello, 5/730174 Mestre (Venezia)

tel: 041942534 fax: 041942020 email:

C.F. e P.I. 03361080272









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